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Shrimp Ambrosia + CRACK SAUCE

Cool down with a cool shrimp ambrosia and creamy CRACK SAUCE, perfect for a light summer appetizer or a Saturday morning brunch. Plump shrimp and an addictively creamy sauce make shrimp ambrosia the perfect snack for your whole entire summer. Picnics, pool parties, and cookouts are the perfect setting for this dish that is hard to put down. Avocado Crack seasoning and Avocado Crack CRACKers are both used in this dish. Avocado Crack and CRACKers come in Original. Low Sodium, and No Sodium varieties, which means family and friends of all ages and dietary needs can indulge in this creamy, cool shrimp ambrosia and CRACK SAUCE. Choosing your ingredients for this simple recipe is not hard at all. You can use...

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