Avocado WHAT!?

Picture of Yolanda, CEO and Owner of Avocado Crack

Meet Yolanda, the girl who was deprived of creamy avocado GOODNESS while growing up in Ohio!

I loved growing up in the midwest, but eclectic foods were not our thing...unless you count the world's best chili from Cincinnati! (IYKYK). So moving to Houston as a teen, and then venturing out on my own as an adult, I found myself becoming a curious foodie. 

I rarely turn down trying something new, so when my roommate brought home an avocado one day, my only question was "HOW do I eat this thing?" 

Let's just say, I took everything out the spice cabinet that I knew to be good, and threw them all together, ok...I sprinkled them in neat layers...on the avocado. And WHOA BABY!!!! I was addicted. From that moment on I went avocado crazy, and began "making avocados" for my friends, family, and coworkers. As a teacher, the only thing we love more than teaching is eating (HA!), so I began to get requests to "make avocados" for my coworkers literally everyday. 

Finally, someone asked, "Why do y'all keep eating so many avocados?" and of course the reply was...

"This stuff is like CRACK! It's SO ADDICTING!"