Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Avocado Crack

Q- Is there avocado in Avocado Crack?

Avocado Crack is the World's first seasoning made specifically FOR avocados. There is no avocado in Avocado Crack.

Q- How do I use Avocado Crack seasoning?

Avocado Crack is an all-purpose seasoning made for foodies! Although it was originally made to go on avocados, it's amazing on everything! Try it on fruits, veggies, meats, seafood, and in all of your favorite recipes.

Q- How does Avocado Crack taste?

Avocado Crack is savory, balanced, has a hint of lime and a kick at the end. 

Q- Is Avocado Crack Spicy?

Avocado Crack has a kick at the end, but has proven to be kid and even baby friendly. Unless you have a spice aversion, the kick is a tasty element of Avocado Crack!

Q- How much salt is in Avocado Crack?

Avocado Crack Original has 15mg of Sodium per serving. Avocado Crack Low Sodium has 5mg of Sodium per serving. Avocado Crack No Sodium has no sodium.

Q- Is Avocado Crack Vegan?

Avocado Crack has no dairy or eggs in the ingredients.

Q- Is Avocado Crack Seasoning Gluten Free?

Avocado Crack Seasoning has no known Gluten in the ingredients. 

Avocado Crack CRACKers are NOT Gluten Free.

Q- How much is shipping?

Avocado Crack shipping costs are determined by the shipping agent used (USPS, FEDEX, UPS, DHL). To offset rising costs, we offer FREE shipping on orders over $20.

Q- Can Avocado Crack be purchased in stores?

Checkout our Shop Avocado Crack Local tab for store locations.

Q- Where can I buy Avocado Crack locally?

Avocado Crack loves to get out into the Houston Community and meet new people in great places! We attend awesome events around Houston each month to give Houstonians the chance to Shop Local. Events will be posted on Instagram and Facebook the Thursday before scheduled date.

Q- What are the Nutrition Facts for the Avocado Crack CRACKers?