Fight Against Child Hunger

Educated Foodie LLC is on a mission to combine a love for food with a love for learning. We wake up flavors in food by making unique, innovative snacks with just the right flavors. We also work along with Elementary Schools to fight Child Hunger, so kids can focus on learning, instead of being hungry.

Educated Foodie LLC recognizes that being a Foodie is a privilege, that not all Americans can claim or participate in. We fight along with Houston Area Elementary Schools to change this narrative. We provide resources to address Child Hunger and spread awareness through our consumer snack brands.

You support us in this fight by purchasing Avocado Crack Seasoning and CRACKers, as well as signing up to our newsletter to hear about special fundraisers and events. As we continue to bring more innovative and unique snacks to the market, we will continue to shed light on Child Hunger in America so kids can focus on learning, instead of being hungry!

💚🥑✨- Yolanda

Founder, Avocado Crack

A brand of Educated Foodie LLC