Tiktok Salmon Rice Bowl

Tiktok Salmon Rice Bowl

Tiktok is taking over life as we know it! I went to HEB (best grocery store ever), and I saw a sign that said "As Seen on TIKTOK." I honestly was like wow...the influence of social media is real! The original Salmon Rice Bowl video on TIKTOK by user Emily Mariko came across my feed at least a week before I stumbled upon the display in my local grocery store, but I never thought it would blow up to be worth trying. Silly Me!

HEB As Seen on TikTok Sign

With that being said, I know everyone isn't on TikTok, which honestly, I don't blame you LOL. It isn't my preferred Social Media platform either. That's why I will be sharing the Salmon Rice Bowl recipe with you all here. It was tastier than I expected and of course Avocado Crack pulled it all together so very nicely.

Salmon Rice Bowl

* Avocado Crack Seasoning ( I used Original for this recipe)
* 1cup Sticky Rice (or whatever rice you prefer)
* Salmon filet (3-4oz should be perfect) 
* 1/4 cup Cucumber, diced
* 1/2 Avocado, sliced or diced
* 2 tbs Kimchi (choose preferred spiciness)
* 1tbs Kewpie Mayo
* Drizzle of Soy Sauce or Liquid Aminos
* Drizzle of Sriracha
* Drizzle of Honey and Chinese Five Spice for salmon filet


Now, before we get into the super simple construction of this Salmon Rice Bowl, let's talk about perfectly done salmon. I know some people struggle with salmon, but I promise it is easier to make than you think! My favorite thing about salmon is that you can add almost any seasoning to it, and it will be delicious. As someone who eats salmon almost everyday, I promise you this tip will give you the perfect salmon filet every time!

Perfect oven baked salmon

Perfect Salmon Expert Tip: Set your oven to 425 Degrees. While the oven is preheating, wash your salmon filet. Pat it dry using paper towels, because it will be juicy enough on its own. For easy cleanup, I like to make a salmon boat using just aluminum foil drizzled with olive oil, but you can use a pan, just make sure its lined with lightly oiled foil. Sprinkle the skin of the salmon with salt and lay salmon filet skin side down on foil. Next, drizzle oil on the meat side of the salmon, and for this recipe, I used Avocado Crack Original and Chinese Five Spice seasonings on the filet, then drizzled with some honey. SO GOOD!!!! Once your salmon filet is ready, put it in the oven for 17 minutes. I repeat...SEVENTEEN minutes!!! It will come out flavorful, juicy and amazing. No more dry salmon that's hard to chew!

Now that your salmon is perfect, let's build the bowl. I used Tastybite Organic Sticky Rice. If you are a regular here, you know rice is my kitchen nemesis, and I have not yet mastered how to make it. The Tastybite Organic Sticky Rice can be heated in the microwavable pouch for 90 seconds and its ready to go.

Put the heated rice into your bowl first, then sit your perfect salmon filet on top. Next, add the Kimchi, chopped cucumber and slices of avocado. Sprinkle your avocado with Avocado Crack seasoning, or the whole bowl. Now drizzle Sriracha and Kewpie Mayo over the whole bowl to your liking. Also add the Liquid Aminos (or Soy Sauce). 

Now, stir everything well, chopping your salmon into your rice and veggies as much as possible. Delicious!!! Leave a comment and let me know how your Salmon Rice Bowl turned out!

Love, Yolanda 💚🥑✨

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored recipe, nor do I get paid in anyway for sharing recipes and ideas. The Affiliate Links used are for products that I love and are needed for the recipe, and I believe you will love them too! If you click them, I get a small commission from Amazon at no cost to you. 


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