Let's Taco 'Bout Taco Night!

Let's Taco 'Bout Taco Night!

There's no night I look forward to more than Taco Night! 

What excites me about Taco night is the VARIETY! Whether you're Vegan, Low Carb, or just a lover of food, there is a taco for everyone!!

Vegan soft tacos with Avocado Crack Seasoning bottle

Expert Tip for keeping the tortillas warm enough until you go back for seconds is a tortilla warmer! These are some cute tortilla warmers you can snag on Amazon for around $10.) #afiliatelink

For my tacos, I ditched the seasoning packets and replaced them with Avocado Crack

Avocado Crack Original 4oz Seasoning

Avocado Crack is the world's first seasoning made for avocados! it is savory, balanced, has a hint of lime and a kick at the end. This means that even if you don't eat avocados, this all-purpose seasoning blend is amazing on Everything!

My Taco Night Faves:

Ground (beef, turkey, vegan sub) with Avocado Crack

Shredded lettuce

Sour Cream 

Shredded Cheese 


Pico de Gallo

Low Carb Tortillas warmed in a buttered skillet (don't forget your tortilla warmer to keep them warm up to an hour!)


Normally, I would have a HOW TO here, but Taco Tuesday is only fun when you make it your own :-) Comment and let me know your favorite Taco Night flavor combinations.

Vegan hard shell tacos



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