Sheet Pan Pasta Bake

The Avocado Crack brought the flavors in this Pasta Bake together so nicely!!!

Summer time meals need to be two things in my book: Quick and Flavorful!

This recipe was super quick to make and straight to the point, and with Avocado Crack, it was guaranteed to be good! 


Avocado Crack Original Seasoning 

Penne Pasta

Baby Kale (or regular if you prefer)

Cherry tomatoes

Shredded cheese (mozzarella, and parmesan)

Shredded chicken (bonus if its rotisserie and already full of flavor!)

Dijon Mustard

Sour Cream



Boil Penne Pasta according to directions on the box

While pasta is boiling, cover sheet pan with kale and tomatoes. (I cut my tomatoes in half)

Sprinkle half of cheese (both) over kale and tomatoes, season with Avocado Crack

When fully cooked, drain pasta, reserving one cup of pasta water for later use

Return pasta to pot, add shredded chicken, dijon mustard, sour cream, pasta water and Avocado Crack to taste. Stir.

Pour pasta mixture over kale and tomato covered sheet pan. 

Sprinkle remaining cheese over the dish and bake at 450 until cheese is melted.

And that's it! I didn't use measuring utensils for the dijon or sour cream, just add them to taste, and the Avocado Crack is always to taste as well!