Let's Taco 'Bout Taco Night!

There's no night I look forward to more than Taco Night! 

These tacos in the picture are vegan tacos, made by my Brand Ambassador Nicole, AKA Vegan Lady Soul! 

What excites me about Taco night is the VARIETY! Whether you're Vegan, Low Carb, or just a lover of food, there is a taco for everyone!!

For my tacos, I ditched the seasoning packets and replaced them with Original Avocado Crack. It only makes sense, seeing that Avocado Crack is comprised of all of my favorite seasonings! Plus, once you add the guac, it's an Avocado party!

My Taco Night Faves:

Ground Beef seasoned with Avocado Crack

Shredded lettuce

Sour Cream 

Shredded Cheese 


Pico de Gallo

Low Carb Tortillas warmed in a buttered skillet! (Game changer!)