Avocado Crack CRACKers and Smoked Salmon

Y'all!!!!!!! If you have not tried these CRACKers...I don't even know what to say at this point, besides WHY NOT!?

I am seriously a legit foodie and this is one of my best creations yet!!

Ingredients needed are:

Avocado Crack No Sodium CRACKers

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Norwegian Smoked Salmon

Any Jam or Jelly 


Now for me, this is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type snack. I like to put the cream cheese first, then the salmon, then jam. But honestly, this is a fool proof snack. You can use whatever jam or jelly you have, or even preserves. I chose this one because I love Blackberrys and it went onto the CRACKer smoothly. There was nothing falling off, so every bite was the perfect bite!


I hope yall try it and enjoy it! Get you some CRACKers